We Love You

Marilee was my greatest writing mentor and a dear friend.

She was an evangelist of the power literature wields to change the world.

There's nothing we can do to repay her wisdom and passion for the written word.

May her words live forever.

The Stones Cry Out

What motivates you

What drives you

What would you give up everything to obtain

A stone cries out

Beneath a valley, under a hill

Beneath a room without a view

Beneath a place marked ninety-nine and two

Many gather, a circle of inert shells waiting

To hear the words like wildfire that will split their fears 

To hear amazing, absolutely perfect, and so beautiful

To hear I’ve got chills right now

But suddenly the stone cries no more

Silenced like the epics of old

Silenced too soon

Silenced on a sense of mystery

Yet the circle remains

Forged of stones clinging to the mountain

Forged with a bond unbreakable

Forged to stand upon the shoulders of giants

Zealous, refusing reticence, remembering

That a Great Man once said

That if every voice fell silent

That the very stones would cry out

Keen, strong, they cry out still.